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There are only a few artists on the circuit that have continuously been able to ply their act playing their own material; Dave Sheriff is one of those. A son of a gamekeeper he was living in the country when he developed a love of music. The magic of Country music inspired him to learn the harmonica, followed over time by many other instruments. At one time he had a Guinness Book of Records entry for playing the most musical instruments simultaneously.
His musical journey started at Bradfield Village Hall in 1958 at the age of 13. He developed his act playing guitar and singing Country songs, both covers and originals.
It was while recording an album at studios in Oxford that the sound engineer quit and the owner asked Dave to carry on, doing his own engineering. He was so successful that he was engaged to run the studios, also playing as a session musician to visiting bands. This got him recognised and he played with Hall of Famer Kelvin Henderson and Pete Sayers on various tv shows which led to appearances at the Wembley Festivals where he worked with Don Gibson and Ronnie Prophet and the Nashville Superpickers. He also toured with Patsy Montana and Slim Whitman.
He became Whispering Fred Jones on Emmerdale, playing a Country singer in the Woolpack.
In 1991 his album, One Man Extraordinaire won the coveted Album of the Year at national awards. It was then he decided that it would be better to have his own label and publishing company for what was becoming a steady output of cds. He created the Stomp label and opened Stomp Studios, recording his and others’ music with himself providing most of the backing instrumentation.
He later went to Nashville to record many albums with the friends he had met at Wembley, it was there that Porter Wagoner introduced him to play at the Grand Ole Opry. Most famously he used Elvis Presley’s famous backing group, The Jordanaires and he also wrote a hit song about them.
The advent of line dance on the circuit meant Dave had a growing market for his strict tempo albums with many of his songs becoming dance floor classics; the most famous, Red Hot Salsa was featured in the Danny Boyle film, Trainspotting 2 and his song, Best Of Friends is the standard closing number at many UK clubs, performed by most artists, He regularly appears on Irish tv shows and tours Europe, having had many hits in Finland, Holland and Switzerland.
One of the few singer/songwriters extraordinaire, Dave Sheriff is welcomed to the British Country Music Hall of Fame.



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