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Stu Stevens billed in his heyday as ‘The Voice’, was one of the best Country baritones of the 60s and 70s.
Stu's career started with a local talent show that his brother entered him into in 1965 and he won. This started his journey as a singer, he learnt guitar, then piano and he started touring around the club circuit in Nottingham.
Changing his name from Wilfred Pierce to Stuart Stevens and his record label shortening it to Stu, he got a contract with EMI in the late 60s for the single, Soft Is The Night (b-side - Tender Hearted).
His voice got him tv work, appearing on the Lonnie Donegan show. In 1970 he was booked to entertain visiting US stars at a pre Wembley party, impressing the organisers so getting a booking on the main event and becoming the first British act to appear.
It was just three votes that put him into second place behind a child drummer to winning Opportunity Knocks (early Britain’s Got Talent show). 1973 saw him touring in America and appearing on the Grand Ole Opry.
1979 was a big year for him, Terry Wogan played, on Radio 2, his single, The Man From Outer Space which rode high in the pop charts and created enough interest to have MCA pick up the song.
For years he played theatres and concerts but it was the sudden death from a rare heart disease of his youngest son, his keyboard player, that caused him to withdraw from performing.

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