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Charles Alexander Landsborough is the youngest of 11 children. Due to the bombing raids over Birkenhead, Charlie¹s mother, Aggie was moved to Wrexham.
Like St Patrick, another of Ireland¹s legends, he was born in Wales but it was back to the family house of music for his raising. His father was a singer around the clubs and his brothers all played guitars and, being merchant seamen, all brought the latest music home. Charlie learnt Hank Williams and Gracie Fields songs and while at grammar school Charles¹ brother taught him to play and sing, he had long hair even back then.
From school he was dipping into various jobs during the day and playing guitar at night.
With the Navy recruiting office closed Charlie walked around the town and joined the Army and was posted to Germany where he supplemented his wages by playing in various styles of music bands around the clubs.
Leaving the Army, he ended up as a postman in Coventry before going back to Germany for some more band work. At this time he married Thelma and then decided to settle down. After a wide range of jobs, he finally became a teacher. This was the creation point for Charlie the Country singer, first as a writer and later a singer.
1994 was the year his songs began to gain recognition and with three children to support he needed success.
Ritz Records signed him as a writer for their star, Daniel O¹Donnell and realised he could also sing very well in his own right.
It was a career turning moment when George Hamilton IV introduced him to a packed Wembley arena as the writer of My Forever Friend. As a writer he was always listening to people and it was a question a little girl asked her father at a bus stop that gave Charlie his signature song, the number one hit that knocked Garth Brooks off the top of the Irish chart, What Colour Is The Wind. It is a song that brings tears every time it¹s sung on his twice yearly theatre tours of the UK, annual tours in Australia, Canada and America.
The pinnacle of his year is the annual concert in Liverpool playing to a 4,000 sell-out audience and backed by the full Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
After playing Birmingham¹s Symphony Hall, Charlie has won most of the awards applicable to a Country star, so it is time to induct him into the British Country Music Hall of Fame.

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