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Born and raised in Bristol, Kelvin Henderson, during his promotion time, brought Guy Clark and Towns Van Zandt to Bristol.
From the early 70s Kelvin always had a band that was made up of cutting edge musicians. When most acts were aspiring to change the Bedford to a Transit he had a Plaxton 28 seater tour bus. A regular at Wembley and Peterborough festivals, he played the Albert Hall in the famed Festival of British Country concert during the 80s.

Kelvin was the producer/presenter of My Kind Of Country on BBC South & West that was syndicated over five local stations from Cornwall to Gloucester to Southampton. He dominated the airwaves. When the Association of British Country Broadcasters was formed, he was elected chairman, gaining it recognition from the CMA.
His shows always drew the aficionados of Country to them because of the variety of music he sang with his baritone voice.

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