2016 Inductees to the British Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Geordie Jack ~ inductee No 38 ~ View Certificate 0038
Geordie Jack Geordie Jack was a native of Golspie, a wee village in Sutherland lying on the North Sea coast with a population of 1,600.
It was from here this singer/songwriter founded one of the UK's most successful Country bands, Colorado.
In the late 80s they were voted Best British Band for nine consecutive years.
Colorado was formed in the 70s with the line-up of Geordie Jack on lead vocals, guitar and violin, Gordon Davidson on lead guitar and vocals, Dado Duncan on bass and Sandy MacKay on drums. All lived within 10 miles of Golspie.
They backed major touring US stars including Melba Montgomery, Vernon Oxford and it was touring and backing Boxcar Willie that established Boxcar as a Country star.
They later toured Boxcar and Jean Sheppard together.
They become the first Scottish group to play the Wembley Festivals which they did many times, becoming firm favourites.
They recorded many hit albums including on Drew Taylor’s Big R label. Their version of Eric Bogle's No Man's Land (aka Green Fields Of France)
with Geordie's violin rendering of Fleurs Of The Forest at the end has become one of the classic versions of this song.
Friends with Hugh Moffatt, the songwriter, Geordie’s songbook is famous. The band later changed its name to Caledonia playing more Country folk and in recent years they became known as the Jacks with a line-up of his two sons and daughter and Dado Duncan on bass.
Darren Busby ~ inductee No 39 ~ View Certificate 0039
Darren Busby
Darren is possibly one of the UK's most awarded Country artists, having amassed nearly 170 national and club awards during his long and successful career
as a singer including being a multiple winner of BCMA awards, both as Male Vocalist of the Year and the prestigious Entertainer of the Year.
In his early days in the Midlands, playing local to his home, he was spotted by agent/promoter, Frank Hambleton who guided his early career. His easy precise style of delivery made him a firm favourite amongst the club scene.
Hall of Fame member, Keith Manifold advised him to give up his day job and go full time as a professional singer over 30 years ago. He now frequently headlines Country festivals across the UK.
Lyn Jones ~ inductee No 40 ~ View Certificate 0040
Lyn Jones
Lyn was founder of one of the premier Country artist booking agencies in the UK, Chelsea Artistes, named after his wife and partner in the business, Chelsea Sylvia Jones
Lyn started his musical career as a skiffle/rock 'n' roller in the 50s and 60s. By the time the 70s came he was performing in the band, Drover. He left Drover to form his own successful band, Tallahassee. It was while ringing around getting bookings for his band that clubs started asking if he knew any other acts and he realised there was a gap in the market for an agency.
By the early 90s he had become one of the leading suppliers of good Country acts. His working knowledge of each act became a feature, as did his legendary long telephone calls when negotiating a deal.
His Chelsea Party became the leading showcase for the industry and a must to perform at for his acts.
Among his associates was NAM founder, Les Evans, who worked with Lyn for many years.
Lyn developed his skill at providing the right acts for the right venues to the point where he was providing the complete line-ups for top venues like Pontins, Welshpool and the Norfolk
He was also instrumental in helping to form bands and duos by introducing artists. One of his most successful was Pete Stothard and his act, Texas Tornados.