2009 Inductees to the British Country Music Hall Of Fame.

inductee No 18 - Removed
Bob McKinlay ~ inductee No 19 View Certificate 0019
Bob McKinlay
He was a Wigan based country singer from the 70s until he retired. He performed solo, duo, trio and with his band, Dixie Fried. He was noted for his fine delivery style with ballads and in rockabilly songs. He wrote some very successful songs including his English Born Dixie Fried signature number.
Ed Pearson ~ inductee No 20 View Certificate 0020
Ed Pearson
Veteran performer of both his own and British country writers, has appeared at most major events either solo or with his band Memphis Roots. He was always in demand as a compere and host at large events. He is one of the vanguard of British artists.
The Hillsiders ~ inductee No 21 View Certificate 0021
The Hillsiders
One of the most important British bands ever. In the 70s they brought British country regularly to the TV screens backing touring American stars as well as performing in their own right. They were among the first to appear in Nashville and were regular performers on the Wembley festivals.