The 2018 inductees in to the B. C. M. H. of F. are:

2017 Group Inductees
Lonnie Donegan. 0045 ~ Aubrey Lovejoy. 0046 ~ Alan Cackett. 0047

Our First British Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees 2006 !
Keith Manifold ~ Ben Rees ~ Cal Ford

Lloyd Coles

Lloyd Coles, band member, promoter, journalist, record complier and broadcaster, passed away over Christmas 2016. Lloyd started in Country music in the 70s forming the band Country Folk, playing the clubs and pubs in the valleys of South Wales.
It was the chance to back touring American artist Brian Burrows that gave him wide exposure including playing in the largest London clubs.
Later he also played in both Black Rose and the Blue lights Country bands.

Lloyd Coles
When local radio stations were licenced, part of their contract was to have all types of music . Swansea Sound needed a Country jock and Lloyd applied and got the gig.
For the next 40 years he broadcast a weekly Country show and despite a 120 mile round trip Lloyd never missed a show, also recording those when he was away.
At one time he co-ordinated a trip to Nashville for his listeners with a tour company. Lloyd was award the 1998 International Broadcaster at the CMA awards.
As a promoter he used to put on shows, the biggest of which was spending £5,000 to bring Boxcar Willie to the valleys. Lloyd Coles was treasurer and secretary to the short
lived British Country Broadcasters Association with Hall of Fame member Kelvin Henderson, backed by the CMA and sponsored by Ritz records.
Lloyd was the 35th member to be inducted into the British Country Music Hall of Fame in 2015. His health prevented him attending and his honour was accepted by fellow Hall member, Tony Byworth.
We extend our sympathy to his wife Jenny and his family and friends.
Jim Duncan, Curator Hall of Fame.